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Mental Health Therapy Service

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About Artful Warrior

Artful Warrior works with little people, big people and everyone in-between.


Lee Agius is Artful Warrior. Lee is a qualified Creative Arts Therapist, Visual Artist, Mental Health and Disability Practitioner who has worked professionally in clinical and community settings with individuals and facilitates group workshops. Lee is also a qualified yoga instructor and can include mindfulness techniques, meditation and movement into her sessions.


ANZACATA professional member: 46962268


Guiding You On the Path of Self Healing.

Creative Arts Therapy offers a non-threatening way for children, adolescence and adults to express their inner feelings without any need to be artistically proficient. Combining psychotherapy with creative media in either the visual arts, movement, music and storytelling can offer a support system that strengthens coping skills and a sense of self to explore challenges and issues in life both on an individual basis and within the promotion of group wellbeing.



Individual Creative Arts Therapy

Side by Side

I focus on you in a non-judgmental, confidential and safe space to explore your goals, your strengths and your challenges. I can also help you achieve new skills, assist in the progression of creative ideas through mentoring artists and provide access to a means-to-create through offering outreach arts therapy sessions or session at my studio.

Psychosocial Support Work

Here For You

My aim is to use my extensive skills within community based outreach and service delivery to gain the confidence of all people within an inclusive practice including those with mental health challenges, disability, cultural and indigenous communities of all demographics and functioning. I work within a humanistic, empathetic and client centered approach and support people to achieve their short and longtime goals.

Art Group & Creative Workshops

Creating Together

As a group facilitator working within the arts and recovery model, I create workshops geared towards the needs and abilities of the people that I am working with and their desired goals and outcomes. Experienced working with a broad range of people from young children to senior adults I am approachable and open to collaborating with your organisation or community group. The Artful Warrior's Art group runs every Wednesday in the inner Western suburbs of Melbourne. The aim of this art group is to provide a social and supportive environment in which participants can learn new skills, provide a space for creative exploration and build positive relationships

Yoga Teaching

I am passionate about yoga and wellbeing for all ages and abilities. My nurturing intention behind my classes is a focus on reducing stress and anxiety and incorporating inner peace and purpose for my students. Since graduating as a yoga teacher, I have been driven to empower others towards their holistic goals and will often incorporate facets of yoga into my creative arts workshops. 1:1 yoga classes from 30 mins to 1 hour can also be arranged if you would like a tailored yoga session for your individual and personalised needs.




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